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When I was growing up, my parents started an escort agency. The business increased in the late eighties and early nineties, eventually becoming one of the largest agencies in Western Canada. It was located in a beautiful downtown office and employed many people, including accountants, graphic designers, computer techs, and escorts.

In-call vs out-call escort services

When choosing an escort service, it’s essential to understand the differences between in-call and out-call escort services. In-call meetings occur at the escort’s home, while out-call appointments occur at the client’s location. The out-call service is more convenient for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting to a specific place.

With an out-call escort service, the escort meets you at a location of your choice, usually your home or a hotel room. While this is convenient for you, there are a few drawbacks to this type of service as well. First, out-call escorts are more discrete since they will arrive at your home wearing business or casual clothes.

Second, an out-call escort is less expensive than an in-call escort service. There’s also less paperwork and no need to spend extra money on an overnight stay. You can meet your escort for an evening session, and you can even set up the session the way you want it. Some escorts will also provide supplies such as towels, toys, and low lighting.

In-call vs out-call services are similar in terms of prices, but the two types of services require different work and time. While out-call escorts travel to their customers, in-call escorts have to meet the client at their location, which is often safer than meeting in a public place.


Payment for escort agencies may be a tricky subject. In some states, paying for escort services is illegal. However, some escort agencies may allow tipping. You must always be discreet when tipping and ensure enough space to conceal the payment. You can even pay in advance if the escort accepts it.

Some escort agencies accept PayPal. This is a convenient option but only works if you book well in advance. A bank transfer might be better if you’re planning a last-minute booking. However, a bank transfer may take a few working days.

Regardless of whether you choose to accept PayPal or Square, be sure to review their policies. These companies do not allow payments for adult pornographic materials or other sexually-oriented content, which can lead to the closure of your account. If your escort agency doesn’t accept PayPal, you may want to consider a different payment method.

Another option for paying for escort agencies is using a third-party billing service. Most of these services use a toll-free number and name. It’s not uncommon for them to ask for a small upfront fee for the service. However, be wary of escort agencies that ask for money upfront before providing any assistance. You may be able to get a discount if you hire them several times, but you shouldn’t expect anything more than you’ve agreed upon.

When processing credit and debit card payments, choosing a merchant account is essential for this type of business. Banks often refuse to accept payment from escorting agency because of their reputation and high chargeback ratio, so escort services require high-risk merchant accounts.

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